We are happy to announce few new experiences and the spirit of Bali cultures and art tour.

Our gateway to this world is through the island of Bali, we steep ourselves in the island`s rich traditions in the cultural center of Ubud, experience an ancient, exotic culture through its art, music, dance, temples and walks through rural villages. Go on nature treks, savor divine Balinese food, visit a spice plantation, stroll through quaint villages, and pamper yourself at a seaside paradise. We will show you our close connection of the Balinese people with the land. And how the Balinese hand-make everything from crafts to textiles, stunning rice terrace, intricate temple carvings and everyday palm-leaf offering to the gods. Our retreat where you not only learn but also about Balinese culture and hopefully, you too will discover the real Bali.

Besakih Temple & East Coast Bali tour

Discover the amazingly fertile rural farm and the eastern scenic coast of Bali, highlight the Mother Temple of Bali Besakih, located at the slope of mount Agung which erupted violently in 1963. Witness also the Old Glory of Balinese Kingdem through its palace.

Kertha Gosa : dated back to the early 18th century, it once served as the Hall Justice to Balinese greatest kingdom Klungkung , with view of classical paintings on the ceiling potraying vision of heaven & hell.

Besakih Temple : located at the slope of the highest & sacred Mount Agung, "Besakih" serve as the most important temple and the pinnacle of the sacred to the Balinese of which people count as Mother Temple of Bali.

Candidasa Beach : a peaceful beach resort with beautiful view over some tiny islands offshore.

Tenganan Village : an ancient village which is home to Bali Aga, original and unspoilt Balinese. Beside their unique house compound, they also preserve unusual customs, traditions and practices unseen elsewhere on the island.

Goa lawah : literally means Bat Cave, this sacred cave is enshrined and its wall vibrates with thousand of holy bats. Visit also traditional "salt maker" in front of the cave, along the secluded Kusamba Beach.

Daily : 08:30 – 18:00 Private IDR 600.000/pax