Bali Adventure and downhill mountain cycling Tour with Bali Culture Tours

Discover natural beauty of Bali country side and see the real Bali

Experience the new culture and art the Island of the Gods

We are happy to anounce and the spirit of Bali cultures and art tour. Our gateway to this world is through the island of Bali. This tour is designed for our guests who seek to go deep into Bali's countryside and witness first hand the daily life of rural village farmers. We steep ourselves in the island's rich traditions in the cultural center of ubud, experience an ancient, exotic culture through its art, music, dance, temples and cycling through villages. Go on nature treks, savor devine Balinese food, visit a spice plantation, stroll through quaint villages, and pamper yourself at the seaside paradise. We will show you our close connection of the Balinese people with the land. And how the Balinese hand-make everything from the crafts to textiles, stunning rice terrace, intricate temple carvings and everyday palm-leaf offering to the Gods. Our retreat where you not only learn but also about Balinese culture and hopefully, you too will discover the real Bali.

Explore, experience, relax and reflect. Whether you choose one of our

leisurely-paced small-group tour package or customize a trip to suit your specific tastes and we promise you an experience of a lifetime.

Proudly owned and operated by small Balinese family

Leave all the travel details to us, and embrace an unforgettable vacation to places and cultures very different from your own.

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